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About Us

As experienced "online servants", we continue our purpose to help ministries reach the world. We are focused on millions of people who seek guidance and encouragement on the Internet. This is today's tech-lifestyle!

Helping you reach the world online

Since 1994, our core mission has been to provide technology and resources to churches, non-profit organizations and indigent communities. Our primary focus areas are child safety on the Internet, web hosting services, and the pioneering of new content delivery technologies. Without our core group of skilled IT volunteers, few of our initiatives would be possible.

The ministry also offers a great way to volunteer for those individuals skilled in IT who want to donate time to the common good, but find it difficult or impractical to do so outside the Internet. If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact us by e-mail with your Vita and three Reference Letters.

Resources for Religious Organizations

According to an early report published by Barna Research Group, Ltd., over 25 million adults rely upon the Internet for religious expression each month. In fact, the report states Christian mass media reached more adults with the Christian Message than Churches!

In 2005, another Report stated nearly six out of every ten Protestant churches (57%) have a website. Furthermore, the proportion of the population using the Internet for faith purposes continues to increase every year! Read Barna's report The State of The Church 2016 where 45% of the Christian population no longer relies on attending Church for spiritual growth and guidance.

Ministries Online | Internet Hosting Services | Chat Services | About Us | Donations